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Three cheers for improved quality of life!

"Now Randy reads at a grade level above his grade. He’s been getting B’s on his report card instead of C’s and D’s. Has more confidence in himself. Everything is easier for him to understand. Noticed a big difference within a month slight difference right away. It took time for him to catch up since he was so far behind."

–Randy, 12

“Back pain is decreasing and the depression is gone. I feel like a completely different person! Life is much better! Hands and fingers are getting better with each session.

–Myca, 25

“Anthony was very close to failing 4th grade, had trouble focusing, and a hard time getting along with his siblings and other kids. I am so grateful to my good friend, Ashley, for recommending Dr. Ames. After 2 months and 4 treatments he is doing great. He is on the high honor roll for the 1st quarter of 5th grade and for the 1st time in his life. His teachers love him and he is a favorite of his classmates. He wears a big smile now and is proud of his new accomplishments. His confidence in himself is growing. His future looks so much brighter and more hopeful now. Thank you, Dr. Ames."

–Anthony, 11

“Only 2 days after seeing Dr. Ames, J.J. started bringing home A’s on reading and stuttering was improving. I had a parent-teacher conference 3 days after J.J. had seen Dr. Ames, his reading teacher said, ‘I don’t know what has happened in the last few days, but JJ’s reading has really improved.’ I was astonished! The stuttering has come to an end also. Thank you loads, Dr. Ames!"

–Mom of JJ (9 years old)

“She is reading much better after seeing Dr. Ames. She reads all of those three and four letter words right away. When she comes to longer words she sounds them out and does not add or subtract letters. She does not stare off in space when reading. She will do her homework willingly. She is writing more neatly than she used to. She is understanding what she is reading. The change is so much that she even noticed it the first night."

–Michelle, 7

"He had an easier time concentrating on his tasks at home. His teacher was very impressed with his progress at school. She said if she could give an award for most improved, Austin would get it."

–Mom of Austin (7 years old)

"Sometimes it feels my mind flips and life seems significantly more difficult. I have had days and weeks when it feels I am just treading water, trying to stay afloat. Isolation kicks in and I have zero motivation to socialize or concentrate. When these seasons come, I can tell I have distanced from my ideal self and I want so badly to snap out of it, but that just does not seem possible. After getting treated with Neurolink I immediately feel some better. Once more time passes, I become back to normal. I am so thankful for Dr. Ames and the Neurolink technique."

–Morgan, 21

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