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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic and Neurolink®

Did you know that you possess an incredible healing power? Consider your body's predisposition toward healing when you get a cut. If not exacerbated by environmental insults, your tissue will heal with time. On a more cellular level, your brain sends signals through the spinal cord to nerves that carry out the instructions. Your spine must have the proper alignment to effectively protect the nervous system.


Damage to the spine results in health problems. Reducing pressure on your nerves enables proper function of the body and mind, allowing the body to realize its full healing potential.

Customized Care

To help you reach your optimal potential, we utilize specific chiropractic adjustments as well as Neurolink® treatments to identify and resolve weaknesses. We adapt your treatment to your needs and comfort.

The Many Conditions We See
  • Anxiety*

  • ​Attention Deficit Disorder*
  • Depression*
  • Learning Disabilities*

  • Insomnia*

  • Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Heartburn/Reflux

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Irritable Bowel

  • Leaky Gut

  • Migraine and Headaches

  • Viruses/Immunity

  • Women’s Health

  • Hormone Testing

Woman Walking Outdoors

“Back pain is decreasing and the depression is gone. I feel like a completely different person! Life is much better! Hands and fingers are getting better with each session.

–Myca, 25

What is Neurolink®?

Neurolink® is a non-invasive technique that harnesses the power of your brain in order to expedite the healing process.

"Your BRAIN has more knowledge about what is going on in YOUR body than anyone (including your doctor).  Using the NIS system, your practitioner can now gain direct access to this information.  This is the ONLY way to start identifying and treating underlying causes – that lead to symptoms." – Neurolink Global

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